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Jul 29, 2014

Another World

There’s an hourglass with sand
Slipping through the cracks,
Spilling onto every inch of corners
She has grown accustomed too.
Once in time, she could have
Remained in this place
But her heart is so far
From where it has stayed.
And in a dance
Across wooden floorboards
With windows open,
And a breeze pushing past
To blow against all that’s left
Of dreams and patience,
She dances as if there’s

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Jul 22, 2014

A Matching Heartbeat

Underneath the candle light,
Beneath the floor boards
Lies a second-hand world.
A world were there’s a longful violin melody
That brushes past the ears of
A girl lost within a fantasy.
No windows, no doors,
Just an endless hallway
And the voice of a phantom thief
Guiding her towards some unseen destination.
Reaching out towards
The flickering light before her,
Somewhere she’s walked
Along this…

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Jul 20, 2014

Key of Release

Like a phantom thief in the shadows,
You go chasing after the dreams
That awaken you in the midnight hour.
Guided by the colors of a sunset sky
The compass you keep, pointing in a direction
Towards a promise you made in the dark
Next to candle light and written words
Keeping your heart behind a locked door
The key you threw into the ocean of memories
You extend your gloved hand, in the hopes for a…

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Jul 8, 2014

Matching Heartbeat

Pale lavender the color
Of your soul.
Your whisper
A shadow’s melody.
Fingers glide across
The piano keys.
And still you look on
Towards a horizon
You’ve yet to see.
Loneliness seeps
Into the songs you sing
There in waiting,
You make a silent plea
Wondering if anyone will find
The place you keep
Hidden in dreams.
And there amongst the ashes,
Amongst the rust,
Is a locket
In the shape
Of someone’s…

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Jun 10, 2014 / 1 note

Summer Favs Playlist

1. Fairytale- Alexander Rybak
2. All Of Me (Cover)- Jasmine Thompson
3. Shady Grove- Takenobu
4. The Guy Like Me- Cnblue
5. Tomorrow-Tablo
6. Today- G-Dragon
7. Goodbye- Ulrich Schnauss
8. In My City- Ellie Goulding
9. Wonderland- Natalia Kills
10. The Devil Within- Digital Daggers
11. Yeah Yeah Yeah- The Sounds
12. Rollin’ With The Dead- Go Periscope
13. Lolita- The Veronicas
14. Over It-…

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May 19, 2014

When I own a ho…

When I own a ho…

When I own a house or townhouse in the future, I want there to be a tree in my backyard where I can string Christmas lights, and put a swinging bench next to it, and claim that space as my own personal wonderland when it gets dark and the night sky kisses the earth and the stars come out to greet the ones who gaze up in search of something more. -Serenity Knight

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May 1, 2014

What if Sailor Moon characters were lingerie models? They’d look stunning like this 【Photos】

What if Sailor Moon characters were lingerie models? They’d look stunning like this 【Photos】

Featured Image -- 134

Originally posted on RocketNews24:

Remember the Sailor Moon lingerie that lingerie brand Peach John released in Japan earlier this year? Thanks to them, we were able to feast our eyes on both lovely models and amateur Twitter users posing in the novelty lingerie.

But now the tables have turned! Chinese artist SoudWrong has created a series of illustrations featuring Sailor Moon characters as…

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Apr 30, 2014

One Thing

I’ve got a million little thoughts
Just dancing past a spark of curiosity.
Envisioning of how true love stories start.
Imagining how dreams begin.
Wondering how hearts get captured.
Where wishes get lost.
How friendships fade in blinks.
In the dark where shadows visit to steal glances.
And melodies in the form of whispers sing.
And some know my face when I stare
Out the window next to me.

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Apr 27, 2014

Behind the Looking Glass

Behind the Looking Glass

When a milkyway goes
Through another milkyway,
And a white rabbit leads
The lost down a hole
Into a universe where hopes
In the end remain standing,
And dreams shine on
Like stars that will be counted
For the entirety of one’s days.
There’s a compass
In the shape of a thought,
Meant to be followed
Wherever it may lead.
And whatever the road,
He walks with the speed of memories.
A Cheshire grin,

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Apr 25, 2014



She is a galaxy, spinning, inspired by the stars that shine on as they wrap around her and dance their ever constant burning ballet. Holding hearts and minds entranced with the gravity of her spirit, so powerful a thing rivals and surmounts celestial bodies. She shields herself in vulnerability, ever open to any voice, listening as the stars sing their songs, none of which would allow her harm.…

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